Jakarta Fashion Week, 2013, student collections

Teaching Fashion Design; summary of the open talk

Collection learning can become now meta-curricula Fashion Design course headed by creativity.

While teaching Fashion Collection in Asia, I often find myself in a role of an anthropologist who is plunged directly into the field in order to face and act with strangers as they are. Yet in comparison with anthropologist, I have not been assigned just to collect the data about different culture, instead, I have to teach, as this is my duty. 
Such conditions help me to invent my own Fashion Design teaching method, which is based on phenomenological reduction of everything already known (bracketing). The learner starts from the “white page” testing and collecting facts that she/he tries not to interpret according to preexisting norms and assumptions. All prejudices are to be removed or otherwise transformed for the sake of creative surge.

It is widely accepted that Individualism is a vehicle for competitiveness as it emphasizes self-achievement over sharing. However, the strong sense of community facilitates inter-exchange and flow of ideas. Thus the openness to the exchange alongside with adequate self-estimation can form an ideal predicament for creative breakthrough.

My experience shows that innovative Fashion Design course can solely be based on the one extended Fashion Collection module wherein the student, in order to enable her design to stand, will inevitably come across all Fashion Design topics. Instructor should skillfully direct and if necessarily correct the student learning process due to provision of regular consultations and assessments. Bullet points should be clearly outlined and essential steps emphasized.

Overall Fashion collection buildup is divided in series of projects and sub-projects where the outcome of each is measured by the particular creative approach applied. Thus, my method script would be the as follows:
Fashion Design =Fashion Collection=Series of projects including final assemblage &presentation

Wherein: Project= Creativity+Research&Development (Design+Materials+ Techniques)

Wherein: Creativity is finding unconventional solutions, tactics and strategies towards all project compounds, as well as final collection draft and presentation.

Summary of the open talk presentation given by Elena Ryleeva, founder of EWST fashionlab, recorded/edited by Max Ryleev, co-founder of EWST.